Restaurant Ikar was established in 2003. It was set-up by a husband and wife team in a humble and quiet neighbourhood of Jalan Ipoh. Initially, we started off with some simple local cuisines like fish ball / pork and seafood noodles, mainly to cater for then surrounding office crowd.

Not long after that, we realised the potential of specializing in fish head noodles. In order to make this delicious cuisine not monotonous to indulge everyday. We have created some 12 type of delightful and contemporary recipe of soup flavours to appeal and satisfy the different needs and taste of all customers both young and old. Hence making them coming back continuously for more. Because of our concept to provide many choices of soup flavour, Ikar's fish head noodles are cooked individually on the spot upon ordering, this making it a fresh eating experience. Besides the soup choices, customer can also option for fish head or fish fillet of 4 different types of both fresh water or salted water fishes.

It's the freshest and healthy ingredients we put together that makes Ikar's fish head noodles a original, healthy and uniquely a "Malaysian flavour". Thus our tag line - "Deliciously healthy".

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