Curry Soup
15 types of curry spices and condiments are used to prepare our home-made curry paste from a traditional Indonesian family recipe, specifically for fish only. We also used both coconut milk and evaporated milk in our curry to bring out its rich flavours and creamy in taste.
  Wasabi Ginger Soup
This Ginger based greenish soup is a natural remedy for common colds and flu, which can also perk up the body immune system. It also helps to get rid of "stomach wind" (abdominal gases). It is highly recommended to add an egg into the soup which will complement its flavour.
  Carrot Creamy Soup

  Bitter Gourd Creamy Soup
Slices of bitter gourd are added into the creamy or the clear soup version. Bitter gourd is full of vitamin B and calcium but low in calories. It also helps to cleanse the blood system which will cool down body heat.
  Black Pepper Soup
This extra fiery soup is prepared from freshly roasted Sarawak Peppercorns. The roasting helps to bring out the peppercorn flavour and aroma. This soup helps to relieve common colds and also improve digestion.
  Seaweed Soup
Natural seaweed, leafy vegetable and tofu is added into this clear superior broth. Seaweed has high content of mineral ie iodine.
  Shao Xing Wine Soup
This strong aromatic wine soup is full of imported cooking wine flavours. The wine flavours complements the freshness of the fish cooked in this soup.
  Traditional Soup
This sour appetising creamy soup is the all time favourite for everyone both young and the elderly. The clear soup version also serves well for those who prefer it without milk.
  Pumpkin Soup
This thick pumpkin based broth is full of nutrients such as vitamins and anti oxidant - carotenoids.  It also contains of high fiber and its natural sweetness is good for diabetes. This soup is gaining popularity among the health conscious.
  Tom Yam Soup
This tangy, sourish and spicy soup is concocted from a home-made recipe. The tom yam paste is prepared from 18 types of grounded natural herbs and spices, cooked for hours over slow heat to bring out its flavours.
  Cheese Creamy Soup
The high content of calcium in cheese helps to strengthen bones and teeth and also can prevent osteoporosis. It is also rich in vitamins B which is good for maintaining healthy and supple skin. High fat and proteins in cheese can help to gain weight.
  Watercress Soup
Watercress is packed with anti-oxidant which helps to cool down bodily heat. It also high in fiber and roughage which is good for bowel movement. This soup is highly recommended for those who prefer clear superior broth.
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